Reframe Productions tells the story of storytellers.

By documenting the process behind artistic projects and endeavors, we aim to empower creators and communities while forging pathways to make art accessible to all.


As a digital production company, Reframe has the ability and expertise to capture, edit, and post cohesive online identities. Helmed by producer/directors Cali Green and Sarah Lou Kiernan, the duo creates what Cali has coined as "docujournaling" content: a visual invitation for audiences to experience the spaces and lives of creatives and their projects. Sarah has expertly streamlined the process of creating a dynamic and singular vision, from capturing to posting.

With their combined experience, Cali and Sarah have a deep understanding of the creative process. They celebrate the importance of storytelling in all forms -- whether it takes place on a stage, screen, canvas, or a plate. Their strategy is to consistently find the nuance required to capture each unique process and share it in the most compelling way.


A lifelong storyteller, Cali Green has written and produced content and live events for more than 15 years, including theatrical productions, concerts, festivals, music videos, branded content, and web series. Featured talent includes Stevie Wonder, Janelle Monáe, The Roots, D'Angelo, Daveed Diggs, Rafael Casal, John Mayer, Michael B. Jordan, Solange, Lupita Nyong'o, Anthony Ramos, and Jasmine Cephas Jones. Clients have included Ryan Coogler, Ava DuVernay, Hannibal Buress, Sundance Film Festival, Live Nation, The Public Theater, New York University, and Columbia University. Also the former Managing Editor & Director of Social Media for Questlove's lifestyle website Okayplayer, Cali finds her greatest purpose by working at the intersection of the arts and social good.

Sarah Lou Kiernan is the Social Media Manager for Bars Workshop at The Public Theater. Her photography has been published by The Public Theater, The Boston Globe and Playbill. She photographed the world-premiere stage adaptation of one of The New York Times' best books of 2015, The Sex Myth by Rachel Hills. Also a student of the arts, Sarah is currently studying with Lin-Manuel Miranda's Freestyle Love Supreme Academy and is an alumnus of the Bars Workshop, founded by Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal.